Christina and Ally – America’s Got Talent

Two remarkable young ladies from Portland who’s story and performance brought tears to my eyes.
Very inspirational, and worth sharing.

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Dixie Daly - Very inspirational, it’s girls like you Christina and Ally that make the world go round in a positive way :)
Thank You for sharing your talent and for giving everyone hopes for their Dreams! Pink

Michael - U 2 r a very r very awsome people that help people today think tht even with a disorter or desease (no offence) tht they can do alot of things in there life time . :_:

Stephanie - OMG!
You girls are inspirational! GREAT JOB!

Jacqui - So much talent! It is amazing to know that people like Ally and Christina are changing the world and they are living life to the fullest. They are truly an inspiration to people everywhere. This story brought tears to my eyes and they should keep singing! :) <3

AnthonY - Hey I was wondering dose any body no what there last name is. If so please email me it’s thank youp

Markus - Dear Christina and Ally – I’m a 46 year old father of 2 teenage boys – just watching YOU two.. Walk out on Stage gave me a lump in my throat that I could NOT Swallow.. then you sang.. and in my heart it sounded like 1000 Cherubs from Heaven.. singing in perfect harmony.. – IT TOUCHED MY SOUL.. and as I write you now.. to WISH YOU GOD’s LOVE.. -Best of Luck.. in Hollywood – the TEARS.. continue to sting my cheeks.. and flow.. endlessly.. thank you for being a blessing and inspiration too SOOO Many

Bonnie Bleiweiss - As an Adult with Cystic Fibrosis I know how hard daily life can be with all the treatments and infections. I’m as proud of these two lovely girls as if they were my own. They are breaking the steriotype of Cystic Fibrosis and showing all America that you can live your dreams even with incredible challenges.

marsha - Dear Christian and Ally, Im a 28 year old mother that has a 6 year old son with cf. I just wanted to you to that Im so very proud of what yall are doing. when I watched yall the 1st time i bried like a baby. IM so scared of cf to b honest. i hate it. but when i watched yall get out there and sing ive come to realize so much about the disease now. before i guess i let it control our lives and well seeing that there is hope out there makes all the difference. i voted 10 times for yall. i would have voted more but they said the 1st 10 was all that counted. ok ill hush but if yall get this i really would like to talk to yall sometime on here. my email address is good luck and god bless you both for everything yall are doing. you two are giving us people out here hope again. thank you.

miki - I hope they realize that the only thing keeping them in is their story. They have just as much singing talent as the next person. Sorry, but it’s true.

But… light bulb!!! Maybe I should make up a story, sing, and win a million dollars.

angelina - Hi girls. I am totally blind and am from blackfoot. I don’t know if you read these things, but I admire you so much. If I die you can have my lungs I promise.

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